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HSEWatch Sponsored Post Publishing Requirements · Quality requirements for articles: Articles should be correct, original, unique, have substantive value and be related to the HSEWatch niche. · Number of images in content: The article does not have to, but can have images (from 1 to 3). · Minimum words of the article: Minimum words of the article: 1000 words · Maximum length of the article (characters with spaces): We do not limit the length of the content. · Type of links allowed: Only brand links, URL, navigational, graphic links. · Number of links to the advertiser in the article: Maximum number of links to the advertiser: 2 · Other links in the article: We allow links to other trusted sources/websites in the content of the article. · Payment: All payments are accepted via PayPal and are expected to be made within 72 hours after the live link is provided; Failure may warrant the link from being removed. Note: We don’t accept CBD, Casino, Gaming, Crypto and Essay writing links. Thank You

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