Requirements for Advertising Posts:

What kind of content are we looking for? Posts can run anywhere from 750-2,500 words, depending on the topic, but they usually hover around 1,500 words. List of Desired Blog Post Themes and Topics: - Content marketing - SaaS and startup growth strategies - LinkedIn and social selling - Marketing tips, guides, how to’s, and advice for founders - web tool reviews - tips for working efficiently at a company - business process automation(workflows) While brainstorming what to write about, ask yourself these questions: - Will this topic be relevant to the AbcSubmit audience? - Will this post offer solutions (that don’t require the purchase of my product)? - Am I qualified to write about this topic? - What insight can I bring to this topic that nobody else can?

Advertising Publication Sections on the Site:

The content will be available with our blog posts and in the category listing.



Publishing Price:

100 USD

Copywriting Price:

100 USD